Our Story

Dark Horse Tattoo was opened in 2010 by Bryan Burk, who was soon joined by Adam Warmerdam. Together, Bryan and Adam wanted to create a studio in Los Angeles that would allow them to express their  ideas of bold, stylish, and fresh American tattooing, without the need to adhere to the visions of other established shops in the city.  A place for creative tattooers to gather and share ideas about how to move tattooing forward, while maintaining a strong sense of the traditions of our craft.  Originally conceived as a private space, the shop quickly became a public storefront, complimenting other young businesses in the immediate Los Feliz area.

Dark Horse strives to achieve highest quality tattooing with as little pretense or attitude as possible. Our shop has a relaxed atmosphere where everyone is welcome, and we are happy to work with whatever you have in mind for your tattoo. We regularly host guest artists such as Bailey Robinson, Gordon Combs, Candi Kinyobi and Jason Vaughn. We look forward to meeting you!