Frequently Asked Questions


These are the questions we are most often asked by our customers and potential clients:



Q. Does it Hurt?

A. There will be some discomfort. The pain level varies depending on a few factors: the part of the body getting tattooed, whether or not you are well rested and fed, general disposition towards pain etc. We recommend a good night sleep, and a balanced meal before your appointment. Even, calm breathing throughout your tattoo helps a lot to calm the nervous system. The best advice we can give you is to relax and go with it. Tensing up will only make it hurt more.


Q. What is the minimum?

A. Our minimum is $100. This is the base price for a sterile set up plus roughly an hour of our time. As hourly rates for large custom work is $180/hour, you can see that the minimum charge is actually cost effective for small work. 

Q. Why is the minimum $100? 

A. Dark Horse was established and is operated by tattooers with many years of experience, who are considered experts in their respective disciplines.  Put simply, some of the best tattoo artists in the world work here, have worked here in the past, or are guests here from abroad.  We have a lot of knowledge and are housed in a beautiful space on Hollywood Blvd in Los Feliz.  IF you have any problem with your work, we do not charge to fix it or touch up (except in some rare cases), and we will still be here years from now.  Our price includes a base level of professionalism and accountability that you won't find at many shops.  We have an excellent reputation.  We aren't trying to compete with the cheapest shops in town, because we aren't trying to be the cheapest, we're trying to be the best. 

Q. Do you take walk ins?

A. Absolutely. Whenever time permits, we welcome walk ins. We do recommend calling first, especially on weekends.  Weekdays tend to be an easier time to pop in and get tattooed. 

Q. Do you do cover ups?

A. We have artists who are skilled in cover up work. A consultation is usually essential, especially if the tattoo you’re covering is big or especially dark. A Dark Horse artist can design something beautiful to cover a mistake you may have made in the past. There are some limitations of course, but we can help you wear something on your body you can be proud of.

Q. Hours & parking?

A. We are open every day except for Tuesdays. 12noon – 9pm. There is metered parking on Hollywood Blvd, and street parking in the surrounding neighborhood.

Q. Are there body parts you don’t tattoo?

A. As a general rule, we steer our clients away from tattooing their face, and in some cases, their hands. It is up to artists’ discretion as to whether they will tattoo highly visible areas. Also, palms of hands and the underside of the feet don’t hold ink very well, so we avoid those too.

Q. How old do you have to be?

A. You must be 18 to get a tattoo in California. We take a copy of photo ID.

Q. Price and payment?

A. Your artist will advise you of cost before you get tattooed. We prefer cash, and accept Visa, American Express & Mastercard. No checks. 

Q. How do I make an appointment?

A. Call the shop or email us. 

Q. Do you do Piercings?

A. Unfortunately, No.

Tips before and after

Before your tattoo please be well rested and make sure you eat. We recommend people have a full stomach, not too much caffeine.  Do not drink alcohol. We do not tattoo pregnant people, nor nursing mothers.  After your tattoo you'll want to make sure you've got clean clothes to wear, it's best to avoid gyms for 4-5 days, although exercise outdoors and at home is fine.